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Many years ago, a friend's daughter received a notice in the mail that a talent agency in Los Angeles was looking for future stars. It included an invitation for her to come to their agency and audition. Excited for the opportunity to be an actor, she talked her parents into taking her to the audition.

When they showed to the "audition", they were joined by a large number of eager young people anxious to get their big break in the business. My friend's daughter posed for photos and was interviewed for the camera.

A few minutes later, the daughter and parents were ushered into a room where they were told the young lady had star potential and the agency could help her by having professional headshots done along with acting classes...both from their agency. Happily, the parents saw the red flags and went no further. Not so happily, too many fall for this glam scam and find themselves thousands of dollars poorer with nothing to show for it except empty promises.

I will repeat what I have stated many times...THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS IN THIS BUSINESS!

Film Florida has published a pair of "one sheets" for actors and crew members to provide guidance in avoiding scams in our business. I am enclosing the one sheet for actors, since this website is for actors. Crew members can find their one sheet HERE.

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